Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nine Lives

This beautifully painful film picks at the scabs on the soul of the collective consciousness. One continuous shot, separated only by title cards, reminds us that our skin is merely a perceived boundary. This all-star cast pulls off Garcia's conversational drama perfectly; oozing pure emotion leaving you surprised, laughing, crying, etc. Each new scene gives a life lesson. Prisoners, lost lovers, all of us wounded humans yet painfully in love with some facet of life. Well composed. All the cinematic elements push the boundaries until this story reveals our discomfort in looking at reality. I may be biased (because these ghosts dragged chains very familiar to me) but painfully beautiful if you release yourself from the confines of the prison of perception, adjust your lens, and see.


My first attempt at a review for class. We had five minutes to write something that could be used for a short newspaper like publication. I'm obviously not writing for the average viewer here but its honestly how the movie made me feel.