Friday, January 10, 2014

Rock Quarry Hell: Architects Music Video

So, we spent 48 hours in a rock quarry in Kansas to produce this great rockabilly, b-movie, shoot-em-up type western music video for the band The Architects.  I don't know the details of why things fell through with the final product, but I know we had some awesome shots.

Photo by Cory Hinesley

I was just reflecting back on this project and found some left over shots in my phone from that rough weekend.  The wind never stopped for a single second while we were there.  Taylor Wallace was the star, he kicked a lot of ass.  As did awesome stunt driver and friend Dusty Rhodes.  The guy pulled off some awesome spin outs before the transmission fell out of his SUV.  Gonna try to get some clips to share at some point.

A shot I took while testing the molotov cocktails.  The cracks in the ground added an awesome texture to the flame.  However, the friggin never ending wind didn't allow the flames to rise high enough to pull off the shot we needed.

Testing a weak blank the night before the shoot began.