Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Radkey Shoot: Feed My Brain

Had a great time making this video with Outpost Worldwide.  Thanks goes out to Chris Durr for getting me involved and the entire core crew for doing such a great job.  Thank you Taylor Wallace, Cyan Meeks, Evan Wunsch, and Cory Hinesley--you have all leveled up.

I cannot forget our lead actors Annie Cherry and Damian Blake.  Their great ability helped us make our days time and again.

Last but not least, my final thanks also goes out to the band, all the extras, and our interns that were good sports--letting us cover them with makeup and run them through the ringer.

From the little footage I've seen I can tell it was all worth it.

It doesn't look like it from here, but that man is half tree.

Getting crazy with shapes.

Really cool scene in Seer's Tent.

Nobody could resist givin' the monitor some love.

The Torso's main scene.

Yes, we created our own forest.

 Loved those trees.

The Wonky Hallway.

We all got a little crazy in the 14th hour.


Thank you Jimmy Johns for being "freaky fast" even though I don't like your food--everyone else really appreciated it.