Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beware of a Holy Whore

This film is interesting to watch with a group of informed film critics--which is how I viewed it earlier this evening. However, I'm not sure I would recommended it--even to passionate cinephiles. Even "insider" knowledge going in rendered a painful experience probably best reserved to filmmakers and know-it-alls.

The film is composed of very long static shots (without a lot happening within the frame) which eventually lead to claustrophobic tracking shots. The cinematography and editing gives you the impression that time has stopped and you become very aware of the seat beneath you.

The characters all seem unable to cope with their feelings. Their frustrations are released through violent or sexual outbursts. The only outlet for these sad individuals is the film, they are lost without it. The few times they are barely active is on set. There we only see them setting up as they never seem to make it to a take without fighting or rambling on some tangent.

The only time the director seems able to articulate his thoughts is when describing the shots, motivations, and meaning of his film--his art--which has become an utter disaster and will probably never be finished. His inner turmoil goes on unbeknownst to all parties involved--unless, perhaps, you take a close listen to his descriptions of the film he is making.

Pursue with caution.. BEWARE of a Holy Whore.