Thursday, July 12, 2012

In the Last Minutes of Thursday, July 12, 2012

We wish for life to be like a film. I find this interesting since film itself tries so desperately, at times, to imitate life--at others theatre, and still others paintings--but all these things life. We try so desperately to make ourselves like these movies, these daydreams.. perhaps because they seem somewhat eternal--to us at least. They have existed throughout our existence and so we mimic them and feel something magical.

They appear this way after preservation through the hands of many master craftsmen. And all these things modeling life...

If only we could look in the mirror--NO, the mirror is inadequate--the eyes of another, or better yet, the eyes of the eternal. Perhaps, if we could see this way we would see things more beautiful than any painting. We are the models which torment these wannabe gods, these painters, these filmmakers. I strive to see all in this light. Those days where things, even just a single object, shines just right.. well, those are the best days.
I watched a movie called Angel-A last night. It is interesting that I started it right after writing this. If you see it you might understand why. I'm referring to the scene later in the movie while she looks in the mirror with him.

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