Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Flowers Of War

The Flowers of War, written by Heng Liu, directed by Yimou Zhang, and starring Christain Bale, Ni Ni, and Xinyi Zhang, is a movie full of pleasures. Though most of the film takes place in a dilapidated church this film really isn’t about religion. The church and Bale are used as connections to the west. The notion that western influence is there to protect and save the innocent is reiterated constantly—the characters literally beg this unworthy and unwilling savior for salvation. Basically, it is my opinion that this movie is not a blatant propaganda film but a loose docu-drama with propagandist overtones that are more than likely placed there to soften the Chinese image in a globalized world. There is enough in there for everyone, but it’s not the best. Some attractive women in some shitty situations. Bale makes a better Batman, but he does have a couple funny scenes while drunk and trying to get laid in a priest outfit. I’d give it 6 out of 10—2 out of 5.

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