Saturday, April 21, 2012

Titanic 3D

I first saw this movie back when it came out.  Like most kids my age at the time, I saw it as a fancy Hollywood romance.  BUT, you're probably wondering--Is the 3D worth it?  I would say yes, just because I'm a recent convert to the 3D cult B/C after seeing some of the cool things 3D can do, I want to encourage film makers like James Cameron to keep it up.  Scorsese even did Hugo in 3D and that's the stuff I'm talking about.  Using 3D as an extra element to engage the viewer further, draw them in, and tell stories better.  Not typical crap where things fly past your face but subtly.  Now you might be saying WHOA, I saw Titanic and it wasn't subtle, and I agree.. but why I think it is still worth seeing again all these years later--especially if you haven't seen it, like me, since it came out--is because I got a whole new reading on the film.

Now, I see this film is about a lot more than a sinking boat and two crazy kids falling in love.  It's kind of a cheesy play on roles, mostly gender and class.  Anyway, I'm not saying it's revolutionary but that I got a lot more out of it this time around.  Cameron, though he gets a lot of shit--and probably deserves it at times--is a visionary and does some really cool stuff.  It actually reminded me of Avatar in some ways.  Check it out or not, I don't really care 'cause it ain't like he's hurtin' any.

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