Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom allows us to take a free look into the tortured soul of a psychopath--and a whole 6 months before Alfred Hitchcock gave us a peek.  It's a shame that Michael Powell, director of The Red Shoes, essentially ruined his career by directing this deep film--commonly referred to as the father of slasher films.  Critics got butthurt and their stupidity spread.  He understood the script so much he put his own son in it and took on the role of the abusive father.  It's worth seeing--not only that--it's worth researching the "what is this film up to" (to quote one of my professors).  The subtext of this film leaps up to bite you in the ass.. if you aren't paying close enough attention, it probably leaves a strange taste in your mouth--which is why I recommend a little research.  You could start here with Dr. Laura Mulvey's short essay on the film.

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